Accurate Roadmap

Accurate Roadmap

Navigate success with our precise roadmap solutions, guiding you flawlessly toward your goals. Experience accuracy in every step, your journey to excellence starts here.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Discover educational excellence with our international school’s best practices. Empowering global minds through innovative learning for a brighter tomorrow.

Proven Results

Proven Result

Unlock academic success with our international school’s proven results. Empowering students worldwide to thrive and excel in their educational journey.

At York International Academy,

We strive to support and empower our students to grow and achieve their personal and academic goals to open doors to a myriad of possibilities and future success.


We aim to equip every one of our graduates with the skills,
knowledge, and confidence to
pursue their dreams and aspirations for their future.


Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students to excel in their academic journeys, ensuring they are well prepared to apply to the finest universities in Canada and beyond.


– Growth
– Excellence
– Social Awareness
– Respect
– Responsibility

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    We invite and encourage qualified recruiters to explore the steps to becoming a representative for YIA.In order to begin the Agent Application Process, complete the Agent application form. Include all required information and documentation. Our marketing team will contact applicants for further discussion and goal-setting for potential partnerships. When an agent is approved,a referral agreement between the agent and YIA will be formed. New Agent Partners will receive a copy of all agreements; this includes our Agent Welcome Package that includes policies, and procedures agreed upon for the recruitment of students to York International Academy.
    • “Vision is a destination – a fixed point to which we focus all effort. Strategy is a route – an adaptable path to get us where we want to go.” Simon Sinek
    • At YIA, we train students to achieve what they have aimed for one step at a time.